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1\. In the creation, how God created the foam, how He created the egg, how He created the world out of it and what the world is relying on, its explanation. 2\. Explanation of mountain meru and how it is on earth, its explanation and explanation of seven layers of various metals. 3\. The names of seven subterranean (paataals), its kingdom. Who rules there, what kind of people live there, what kinds of JAAP etc complete detail and its explanation. 4\. The nine types of snakes and their jewels. Subterranean (paataals) peoples' bodies and its explanation. 5\. The veraat incarnations of Shree Narayan, his eight names and meru dependent 21 heavens and 7 Subterranean (paataals) and their explanation. 6\. Earth's 9 continents and their names with calculations and names of seven deeps and their explanation. 7\. The 18 khaanns, and their metals with details. Seven seas and their land and 8 mountains and their explanation. 8\. 4 directions, and 4 corners and their details. Earth 24 countries with details and their different villages and the 999 rivers and their explanations. 9\. The four Vaanns, the four Khaanns, the four Setras, the four Holy Voyages, the four Kalaps, the four Jugs, the four Mukhis, the four Meditative Words (Jaaps), the four Vaats, the four Daans, the four Great Deities, the four Thrones, the four Puris; their names, their details and their explanations. 10\. The Sun, the Moon and their details with explanations. The width, length, heights and the Kalaas and their explanations. 11\. The details of seven Bhavans. The details of the 21 Puris, the people who live there, their deeds and how they got their rewards and the details of 6 darshans. All this and many other things like it can be found by reading this and not only this but doing good deeds, evil eye on somebody else's possessions and evil eye on a woman…etc like good guidelines are in it.