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Prayer Beads” Workshop at BPC Parlors, Sat, Sept 26th

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Prayer beads have been around since the early Christians went into the desert to seek solitude and to be closer to God, concentrating on “praying continually.” They would keep track of their prayers or recitations of Psalms with stones, which soon changed to knots on a prayer belt, and gradually evolved to beads. In the 1980s the idea of Protestant prayer beads first resurfaced in the Episcopal Church, but today many other denominations have discovered the benefit of having something tactile and visually pleasing to either hold or to help keep track of who or what they are praying for. Encouraging prayers of praise, petition, intercession, and thanksgiving with these four areas incorporated into the circle of beads, they are a sensory reminder of our open relationship with God. BPC is hosting a Parish Resource Center event with leader Karen Smith. A materials fee is $10.00. To register call, 631-821-2255 or 631-486-4350 or Email: info@prcli.org. Or, Go to "on line registration: http://www.prcli.org/simple-registration-form-10/.