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Response to Being the Church in the tRUMP Years

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What is increasingly and overwhelmingly clear seems to be that the christian church has blown its best conceivable opportunity to teach its congregants what the good news of the gospel and christianity really entail. And it has taught us that anyone who is prone to wasting their time should get involved in christian witness instead of doing some actual good by becoming politically active by whatever means necessary and available. I believe that we need a quick history lesson, lest it be forgotten. When Adolph Eichmann was being charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity for his role in the Holocaust after WWII, he denied nothing, nothing at all. He was merely being a good German and Christian by following the directives of his superiors up the chain of command. Today we have the tRUMP forces actually ordering us to discriminate against our fellow humans based on their religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation and if allowed, their race, gender, and whatever else is not white, anglo-saxon, and protestant. We've already lost the war regarding religion by the overwhelming vote of protestants, evangelicals and Catholics for tRUMP in this election. The failure to identify evil on the part of most Christian leaders doomed religious efforts from the start. It is time to focus our efforts politically, not through religion, which we chose to give over to the forces of evil. We need to begin, as always, with love of neighbor and self. And we can remember the old axiom--think globally, act locally. But the key word remains ACT.