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Short explanation for Surah Waqiah

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The disbelievers of Mecca found it hard to believe that the Day of Resurrection would come soon and that everyone would be held accountable; righteous people would be admitted into paradise while the evil doers would find a new home in hell. To prove the oneness of God and life after death, Allah draws man’s attention towards his body, his food, and the fire which he uses to cook his food. He asserts that man has no right to behave independently and that it is Allah who brought him into existence and He is the only one who can bring him back to life after death. The Quran further labels disbelievers as very unfortunate for not giving attention to the holy book. It further says that The Quran has been brought down to Muhammad (PBUH) through pure angels. In the end, Allah issues a warning to men about death; he says that they can block the truth but they will become helpless at the time of death and will be brought back to life for accountability.