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Some people may laugh at devotional singing (Bhajans) and call it mere show and exhibition, and recommend instead quiet meditation in the silent recess of the shrine room. But coming out and doing Bhajan in company of others helps in removing egoism; one is not afraid nor ashamed to call out the Name of the Lord. One gets inspired by the devotion of others; the company of people with kindred sentiments helps to foster the tiny seedling from being scorched by the heat of derision. A person will sweep the floor of his room with a broom when nobody is looking on; but to do the same act when people are looking on requires some mastery over the ego. Jayadeva, Gouranga, Meera, Purandaradasa, Thyagaraja and the like sang their hearts out to the Lord and were thrilled at the thought of the Lord, because they had Love for God in such a pure and overpowering form. Selfless love fills your mind with joy and hope. Sathya Sai Baba