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_Ki-ki-li-ki, o-ewa!_ _Papa Ogou, tou piti kon sa._ _Papa Ogou, anraje._ _ _ Cock-a-doodle doo! Papa Ogou, all children are like that. Papa Ogou, enraged.

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1 Sara Di Diego = "Ogou is also associated with fire and iron.  During ceremonies a fire will surround a piece of iron coming out of the ground, that is usually placed via another ceremony.  If the ceremony is for Ogou, the iron will usually be the focus.Work Cited:http://www.ezilikonnen.com/the-lwa/ogou/http://www.ezilikonnen.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/ogou-altar-vodou.jpg"
2 Sara Di Diego = "This is a modern song to Ogou by Weena.  One can usually learn more about Ogou's personality by the songs about him.Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3U4wYv72XQ"
3 Sara Di Diego = "Vodou is a religion with spirits full of contradictions, just like people.  Although Ogou is very strong, disciplined, and dedicated to justice, he also sometimes throws tantrums due to his pride.  Ogou can be split into 6 different spirits while also being one and the same, although they have different countenances.  Ogou as Sen Jak Majé (or Saint James the Elder) fights wars for justice.  Ogou Panama demands ceremonies and is a very important person (péso'naj).  Ogou Feray is "fierce and uncompromising" (Brown 96).  Ogou Badagri is shy, handsome, and loyal.  But as Ogou Badagri he is an "unreliable drunkard" with slurring speech.  As Agéou "he is a liar and a beggar" (Brown 96).  If Ogou is called Achade or Shango he is magical.Work Cited:Brown, Karen McCarthy. Mama Lola: Voodoo in Brooklyn. Hamburg: Europäische Verl.-Anst., 2000. Print."