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THE BATTLE IS STRONG By R. Edward Beauchamp ## Scripture Reading: Ephesians 6:10-20 Since the first time that Darwin showed his manuscripts to different colleagues, knowing full well that it was a hoax and full of error, man has sought to find a way to make this joke into reality. Darwin expected ridicule and chiding but that was not the case. Men flocked to him and called him a great man of insight, a true philosopher. Thus, one of the foundations of Anti-Christianity and Atheism started to grow. The gospel according to Darwin caught on and spread into schools and quickly went from a theory to the “Law of Evolution.” It is required study in our schools while prayer to God and the Bible is banned. Because evolution is a religion (Atheism and various Unitarianism’s), it is used as a basis for anything contrary to all sound Biblical teaching. Yes, our children are taught Satan’s word but not allowed to hear God’s Word. Evolution saturates entertainment, toys, advertising, etc., and has created a standard that this Earth is very old. It is to be accepted that struggle, death and dying has gone on for billions of years. That is why Paul exhorts us to be prepared by putting on Christ and the armour of God: “and having done ALL (or having worked out) to stand, STAND THEREFORE “(Eph. 6:13). Man is searching for methods to find the answers to the age of this Earth. He has opted to turn his back on his own scientific proofs that this Earth is very young. As we study, we will find that the Earth is a very young planet, it has not been here for eons of time. Most substantiated and accepted scientific data sets the age of the Earth at between 6,000.and 10,000 years. Just because a rock looks old, does not mean that it is old .. “In beginning—God” is the key. God can make the appearance of this Earth to look old to test us as to whether we will trust Him and His Word or man’s empty explanations.

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1 Sarah R = "Technically, evolution is still a "theory" as there is no way to test and prove it without either waiting a billion years or exploding the universe - assuming we would even be able to come up with such a test, which we probably could not. Some say the evidence for evolution  is overwhelming, others say the evidence is purely circumstantial, theories based on theories. In other words, believing in evolution is an act of faith."
2 Sarah R = "There doesn't need to be a separation between science and faith, and in fact there are many well-educated science-minded people who hold faith in God and do not see this as contradictory. Many times science actually confirms the Bible. The Bible is not a science textbook but still manages to get things right time and time again. (God knew what He was talking about when He wrote it.) We don't need to feel like we have to believe one or the other. Science can be a fantastic way to marvel at God's design perfection and creativity."
3 Sarah R = "For an extensive look at evolution from a Christian point of view, including the possibility of an "Old Earth Creationism" view, see:The Age of the Universe"