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Everything was water except a very small piece of ground. On this were the eagle and Coyote. Then the turtle swam to them. They sent it to dive for the earth at the bottom of the water. The turtle barely succeeded in reaching the bottom and touching it with its foot. When it came up again, all the earth seemed washed out. Coyote looked closely at its nails. At last he found a grain of earth. Then he and the eagle took this and laid it down. From it they made the earth as large as it is. From the earth they also made six men and six women. They sent these out in pairs in different directions and the people separated. After a time the eagle sent the Coyote to see what the people were doing. Coyote came back and said: "They are doing something bad. They are eating the earth. One side is already gone." The eagle said: "That is bad. Let us make something for them to eat. Let us send the dove to find something." The dove went out. It found a single grain of meal. The eagle and Coyote put this down on the ground. Then the earth became covered with seeds and fruit. Now they told the people to eat these. When the seeds were dry and ripe the people gathered them. Then the people increased and spread all over. But the water is still under the world.

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1 Sara Di Diego = "The Chukchansi Yokuts's version of the Beginning of the World is as follows:Before there were people there was only water everywhere. Coyote looked among, the ducks and sent a certain species (Chukchansi: yimeit) to dive. It first it said it was unable to. Then it went down. It reached the bottom, bit the earth, and came up again. Coyote took the earth from it and sent it for chanit (Yokuts name) seeds. When the duck brought these he mixed them with the earth and water. Then the mixture swelled until the water had disappeared. The earth was there.Source:http://www.sacred-texts.com/nam/ca/scc/scc09.htm"
2 Sara Di Diego = "A common motif between all of the legends from this part of the world is that the water is still under the world.  This point of view might come from the geography, such as the Sacramento Valley and other rivers make it seem that the water continues under mountains."
3 Sara Di Diego = "Another version of this legend is from the Tachi Yokuts:Far in the south was a mountain. It was the only land. Everything else was water. The eagle was the chief. The people had nothing to eat. They were eating the earth and it was nearly gone. Then Coyote said: "Can we not obtain earth? Can we not make mountains?" The eagle said: "I do not know how."Coyote said: "There is a man that we will ask." Then they got the magpie. The eagle said: "Can we obtain earth?" The magpie said: "Yes." "Where?" "Right below us." Then all the ducks dived and tried to bring up the earth. Some were gone half a day. They could not reach the bottom and died and floated up. The eagle said: "When you reach the ground take hold of it and bite it, and fill your nose and ears." For six days they dived and found nothing. There was only one more to go down, the mudhen. Then the eagle said: "Now you go. Let us see if you can find the earth." The mudhen said: "Good." Then it dived. It was gone for a day and a night. In the morning it came up. It was dead. They looked it over. It had earth in its nails, its cars, and its nose. Then they made the earth from this ground. They mixed it with chiyu seeds and from this they made the earth. After six days the eagle said to the wolf: "Now go around." Then the wolf went where the Sierra Nevada now is and around to the west and came back along where the Coast Range is. The eagle said: "Do not touch it for six days. Let it dry first." All the people said: "Very well, we will let it become dry." But soon Coyote said: "I will try it. It is getting hard now." He traveled along where the Sierras are. That is why these are rough and broken now. It is from his running over the soft earth. Then he turned west and went back along the Coast Range. That is why there are mountains there also. Coyote made it so. Now the eagle sent out the prairie falcon and the raven (Khotoi). He told them: "Go around the world and see if the earth is hard yet." Then the prairie falcon went north along the Sierra Nevada and Khotoi went north along the Coast Range. Each came back the way he had gone. Now at first the Sierra Nevada was not so high as the Coast Range. When the two returned the eagle said: "How is the earth? Is it hard?" "Yes," they said. Then the prairie falcon said "Look at my mountains. They are the highest," but Khotoi said: "No, mine are higher." The prairie falcon said: "No, your, do not amount to anything. They are low." Then the eagle and Coyote sent the people to different places. They said: "You go to that place with your people. You go to that spring." So they sent them off, and the people went to the different places where they are now. They were still animals, but they became people. For a little while after they had all gone the eagle and Coyote stayed there. Then Coyote said: "Where will you go?" The eagle said: "I am thinking about it. I think I will go up." Coyote said: "Where shall I live?" The eagle said: "Here." But Coyote said: "No, I will go with you." The eagle told him: "No, you must stay here. You will have to look after this place here." So they talked for six days. Then the eagle took all his things. "Goodby," he said, "I am going." Then he went. Coyote looked up. He said: "I am going too." "You have no wings. You cannot," said the eagle. "I will go," said Coyote, and he went. Now they are together in the sky above.Source:http://www.sacred-texts.com/nam/ca/scc/scc17.htm"