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The Connection Between the Old and New Testament

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The famous comedian George Carlin once quipped, “I was thinking about how people seem to read the Bible a whole lot more as they get older; then it dawned on me…they’re cramming for their final exam.” The Old Testament lays the foundation for the teachings and events found in the New Testament. The Bible is a progressive revelation. If you skip the first half of any good book and try to finish it, you will have a difficult time understanding the characters, the plot and the ending. In the same way, the New Testament is only completely understood when it is rightly viewed as a fulfillment of the events, characters, laws, sacrificial system, covenants and promises of the Old Testament. If the only Word from God that we had was just the New Testament, we would come to the Gospels and not really know why the Jews were even searching for a Messiah. Without the benefit of what God shares with us in the Old Testament, we would be unable to identify Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah through the many detailed prophecies that were given Him, e.g., His birthplace (Micah 5:2); His manner of death (Psalm 22 and Psalm 69:21); His resurrection (Psalm 16:10) and many more details of His ministry (Isaiah 52:19, 9:2). Without the benefit of the knowledge presented to us in the Old Testament, we would be totally unable to understand the Jewish customs that are mentioned only in passing in the pages of the New Testament. We would not understand how the added traditions to God’s law made by the Pharisees only served in the end to pervert God’s law. Consequently, we could not understand why Jesus was so upset as He cleansed the temple courtyard. Most importantly however, we would ultimately be unable to understand that we can make use of the same wisdom that Christ used in His many replies to His adversaries and to those who ridiculed Him. The New Testament Gospels and the Acts of the apostles record many of the fulfillments of prophecies that were written hundreds of years earlier by Old Testament prophets. In the circumstances of the birth of Jesus, His life, miracles, death and resurrection as found in the Gospels, we can clearly see the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies that foretold the Messiah’s coming. It is the life of Jesus Himself and all that He accomplished that is the powerful validation of Jesus when He claims to be the promised Christ. Even those prophecies in the New Testament, which are for the most part found in the Book of Revelations, are derived from earlier prophecies found in the books of the Old Testament. These New Testament prophecies relate to events regarding the second coming of Christ. Bible scholars have pointed out that approximately two out of every three verses in Revelations are steeped in Old Testament verses. Because the revelation in Scripture is progressive, the New Testament brings into focus teachings that were only alluded to in the Old Testament. The Book of Hebrews describes how Jesus is the true High Priest and how His one sacrifice replaces all of the previous sacrifices, which were mere portrayals. The Old Testament provides the Law, which has two parts: the commandments and the blessing/curse that comes from obedience or disobedience to God. The New Testament then clarifies that God gave those commandments to show men their need for salvation (Romans 3:19). The Old Testament lovingly describes the sacrificial system God gave to the Israelites that was designed to temporarily cover over their sins. The New Testament goes on to clarify that this system alluded to the sacrifice of Christ through whom alone salvation is found (Acts 4:12; Hebrews 10:45-10). The Old Testament witnessed paradise lost; the New Testament shows how paradise was regained for all of us through the second Adam (Christ) and how it will one day be restored. The Old Testament declares that man was separated from God through sin (Genesis 3) and the New Testament declares that man can now be restored in his relationship to God (Romans 3-6). In summary, the Old Testament lays the foundation for, and was meant to prepare the Israelites for, the coming of the Messiah who would sacrifice Himself for the sins of the whole world (1 John 2:2). The New Testament shares with us the life of Jesus Christ and then looks back on what He did and how we are to respond to His  gift of eternal life and live our lives in gratitude for all He has done for us (Romans 12). Both the Old and the New Testament reveal the same holy, merciful and righteous God who must condemn sin but who simultaneously desires to bring Himself to a fallen human race of sinners through the forgiveness only made possible through Christ’s atoning sacrifice. In both the Old and the New Testament, God reveals Himself to us and how we are to come to Him through Jesus Christ. In both the Old and the New Testament, we find all we need for eternal life and godly living (2 Timothy 3:15-17). Originally Posted here: https://emaeus.wordpress.com/2010/11/07/the-old- testament-and-the-new-testament-connection/

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1 Cary W = "Yeh, well Carlin is one of the few not afraid to call bullshit on bullshit, and yet still remember the tender and loving nature of life and God."
2 Sarah R = "There's another article on this theme here:https://www.deily.org/text/the-inseparable-connection-between-the-old-and-new-testaments"
3 Gcfjcy Cfyctf = "8j8j"
4 Sarah R = "Here's an article explaining the concept of "progressive revelation":https://www.blueletterbible.org/faq/don_stewart/don_stewart_1203.cfm"
5 Cary W = "Well said.  We love our stories, books, sagas and movies today, yet God knew, so he laid out a melodrama of Godly Adam falling and becoming evil man needing redemption and then if he does God's will can be blessed and if not, then shit hits the fan, then enter Jesus.  The Atonement.  Grace given even for the least of us.  If we believe in this gift, freedom.  If we don't, eternal judgment....shite, what a story!"
6 Cary W = "The Old Testament displays our daily stories, of you and me and how we navigate life, with all its frack ups, diseases, disasters, mistakes and poorly chosen vengeance's.  It reveals our true nature, each and every one, capable of some kind or another of ungodly or untoward or unloving nature.  And as we do, so we reap.  Then enter Christ.  He forgives the weak, miserable, corrupt, unjust, lazy, fornicating, tax collecting, bribing frack, loves them, and blesses them with an unconditional love and friendship, with no expectation of returned love.So we enter this day, and age of grace, by one act of such grace, love and tender loving care....total forgiveness!"
7 Sarah R = "Articles on prophecies fulfilled by Jesus:https://www.deily.org/text/a-brief-look-at-prophetic-evidencehttps://www.deily.org/text/what-proof-do-you-have-that-jesus-was-the-messiahhttps://www.deily.org/text/old-testament-prophecies-fulfilled-by-jesus-christ"
8 Cary W = "That is why I love the Psalms of David.  A very passionate and impulsive man, so prone to error of shortsightedness, yet foresaw the slaying of the Master, even feeling his pain as his very own.  David experienced Jesus before He was incarnate, then spoke only what he experienced in the eternal realms."