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NEVER MISS A CHANCE TO... Ask a pertinent question Buy less, save more Catch a silver star Drift off to sleep while reading Encourage someone to fully live Fight the right fight Give God full credit Help a Boy Scout cross the street Illuminate your heart with gladness Jingle jangle your spiritual spurs Keep on keeping (well, you know) Love life to the hilt Mow the grass before it rains Notice the good in everyone Open your doors to the hungry and poor Publish glad tidings at home and abroad Quit one bad habit every day Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice Sing a song of six pence Teach an old dog a new trick Use your mind and time wisely Verify a fact of life Wish the sinner well X the spot where love first bloomed Yearn for home Zestfully enjoy life (Written on July 4, 2015) 0 Comments READING THE SCRIPTURES 7/8/2015 0 Comments READING THE SCRIPTURES One of the best gloom chasers I know of is... reading the scriptures. When we are disgruntled, down- hearted, or discouraged, the reading of the Scriptures lifts us up from the mire and gently places us down on solid ground. We especially enjoy these words of Paul which he wrote in his second letter to the Corinthians: "We are troubled on every side Yet not distressed, We are perplexed But not in despair, Persecuted But not forsaken, Cast down But not destroyed." (II Cor. 4:8) Today, we shall read the scriptures, and our spirits shall be uplifted. 0 Comments FOURTH OF JULY (1978) 7/6/2015 0 Comments FOURTH OF JULY (1978) You may never visit Lexington Where freedom's banner was unfurled Or see that trusty flintlock That fired the shot heard around the world Or visit Fort McHenry Near the town of Baltimore Where Sir Francis penned an anthem As he saw Old Glory soar Or travel down the Mighty Miss To the town of Cajun queens Where Andy Jackson stood his ground At the battle of New Orleans Or mosey down to South Caroline Where a bloody feud began That pitted brother against brother In Civil War throughout the land Or ever stand at Gettysburg Where so many fought and died And Lincoln spoke of unity From his conscience, deep inside Or stand on top of San Juan Hill Where Teddy grinned with pride And spoke of America's greatness To those Rough Riders by his side Or roam the woods of Argonne And hear liberty's bugle blow Where crosses rose like poppies In row after row after row Or feel the sands of Normandy And walk along its shore Where freedom made a landing In June of forty-four Or ever see Korea Where there's blood on every hill And many a mother's son Is gone and buried still Or ever fly to Vietnam That far flung distance land Where the odds were all against us But we dared to take a stand Now perhaps you will never visit These places we've spoken of But their legacy of courage Speaks of a land we dearly love A land whose beacons cast a light That shines from sea to sea A land I'm proud to boast about Its America, America for me 0 Comments <