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Let it be known that the day then arrived when the tenth katun was established, when the katun of the Plumeria flower was established. For three moons had been established Yuma-une-tziuit, the quetzal, the green bird. Then there shall be present the forceful one, there would be Nine Mountains, Yuma-une-tziuit, the quetzal, the green bird. No one understands the penance among the rulers in the twelfth tun when he declared his name. Like a jaguar is his head, long is his tooth, withered is his body, like a dog is his body. His heart is pierced with sorrow. Sweet is his food, sweet is his drink. Perchance he does not speak, perchance he will not hear. They say his speech is false and mad. Nowhere do the younger sisters, native to the land, surrender themselves. They shall be taken away from the land here. So it shall always be with the maidens, the daughters whom they shall bear tomorrow and day after tomorrow. Give yourselves up, my younger brothers, my older brothers, submit to the unhappy destiny of the katun which is to come. If you do not submit, you shall be moved from where your feet are rooted. If you do not submit, you shall gnaw the trunks of trees and herbs. If you do not submit, it shall be as when the deer die, so that they go forth from your settlement. Then even when the ruler himself goes forth, he shall return within your settlement bearing nothing. Also there shall come such a pestilence that the vultures enter the houses, a time of great death among the wild animals. There shall be three kinds of bread, the bread-nut shall be their bread in the katun of the Plumeria flower. Then comes the time when thirteen layers of mats are laid down for the very mad one, for the adulterer. Then comes the papal bull of six divisions. Three times the bull shall be announced. Then the judge of the bull shall come, when he who bears the gold staff shall judge, when white wax candles shall be exchanged. It is to be white wax, when justice shall descend from Heaven, for Christian men to come up before the eye of justice. Then it shall shake heaven and earth. In sorrow shall end the katun of the Plumeria flower. No one shall fulfil his promises. The prop-roots of the trees shall be bent over. There shall be an earthquake all over the land. The fulfilment of the prophecy of the katun of the Plumeria flower shall be for sale. There is no reason or necessity for you to submit to the Archbishop. When he comes, you shall go and hide yourselves in the forest. If you surrender yourselves, you shall follow Christ, when he shall come. Then his visitation shall end. Then shall come to pass the shaking of the Plumeria flower. Then you shall understand. Then it shall thunder from a dry sky. Then shall be spoken that which is written on the wall. Then you shall set up God, that is, you shall admit his divinity to your hearts. I hardly know what wise man among you will understand. He who understands will go into the forest to serve Christianity. Who will understand it? After only fourteen years of chieftainship, permanently the Son shall arrive, Don Antonio Martínez and Saul. These were his names when he departed from heaven. At that time he went to Tzimentan, and when he was at Tzimentan a certain queen said she would marry him. For seven years he was married, when the golden doors of the house of four apartments were opened. Here he was shown how, and he equipped a fleet of thirteen ships. Then he began a war with the land of Havana. The King had a friend at Havana, and the King was advised by his friend. The public prosecutor was there with him. Then he went and heard that the man was to be seized. Whereupon he departed and went to Tzimentan. It was three months after he was seized that the man who took him departed. Then he arrived at Tzimentan. When the man was seized, he cut short the words of him who took him when he arrived at Tzimentan, and he said: "Go, man." These were his words to him. "It is three months since I arrived," he said. "It is three months, now, since you departed. It was three months ago that you arrived, since you arrived, since you are shut up in the prison; in the meantime I come. I will take you out of prison. You two captains shall follow me." he said. "Let nine chairs be raised up for us to sit on. The sea shall burn. I shall be raised up." There was fire in his eye. Sand and spray shall be raised aloft. The face of the sun shall be darkened by the great tempest. Whereupon the captain accustomed himself. Everything shall be blown to the ground by the wind. In the meantime I sit on my chair; in the meantime the fleet of thirteen ships comes. Then the King accouters himself also. "Prepare yourself, my lord! There come the French." These were his words to me. "We shall be killed by these men. For what reason does your strength fail because of your compatriots? Let me go and direct the ship from the middle." My own spirits are raised also. The sea upon which I go burns. The face of the heavens is tilted. But when I came down into his presence, the ship was lost. "What man are you?" he said to me. "I am without compunction. It is I whom you have aided, I am he whom you have caused to live again." Then he said: "I shall put my name to the test, it is Martinez. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit is my name." These were his words. Then I brought out the book of seven generations to read. In three months it was finished. Now the town officials went elsewhere. Whereupon he said he would give his town, half of the men in it, to me. "Where is your town? It is all my town," he said. "You shall pay for my town, I was the first to arrive." Then, I tell you, justice shall descend to the end that Christianity and salvation may arise. Thus shall end the men of the Plumeria flower. Then the rulers of the towns shall be asked for their proofs and titles of ownership, if they know of them. Then they shall come forth from the forests and from among the rocks and live like men; then towns shall be established again. There shall be no fox to bite them. This shall be in Katun 9 Ahau. Five years shall run until the end of my prophecy, and then shall come the time for the tribute to come down. Then there shall be an end to the paying for the wars which our fathers raised against the Spaniards. You shall not call the katun which is to come a hostile one, when Jesus Christ, the guardian of our souls, shall come. Just as we are saved here on earth, so shall he bear our souls to his holy heaven also. You are sons of the true God. Amen.

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