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The Tree of Life

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The Tree of Life produces leaves Of every shape and size. They provide Beauty, Shade, And food. They are born in the spring, Thrive in the summer, Show off in the fall And die in the winter. The cycle continues Year after year. Challenged by disease Drought And natural events, But never defeated. You are a leaf. Evolving and experiencing The mystery and magic of life, As a loved one, a stranger an enemy. Sometimes an animal or a plant. You often think the leaf Is all you are, But you are every leaf. A trillion leaves, Spreading forth adventure And love. So sprout forth in the spring, Share your beauty, Provide shade, Bear fruit. But then As winter approaches, Let go And fall to the ground But remember: The Tree never dies. And if you reach high enough, Beyond leaf and limb, Beyond thoughts, Feelings, Sensations And memories, You will know: Your are just a leaf, For a little while. But you always were And always will be The Tree. One Tree With no beginning And no end. Incarnating a trillion times In every leaf.

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1 Dineen Carta = "John, I highlighted this section, so I could write this comment about the whole poem. "I love it, it is exquisite!"  Thank you for sharing your spiritual art!"