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Do you realize that God has a special calling on your life? He does! You may not have sensed God leading you to become a missionary or a preacher, but you still have a calling! And it is a mission that you must not shirk. No less than five times in the Scripture, Jesus called his followers to "go" into the world and to be witnesses for him. And that's exactly what he is saying to you today. He's calling you to be his witness. And you can begin right where you are! There can be no doubt… you are called. Have you listened for his voice? Have you heeded that call and followed his will obediently? It is so important that you do. You see, God has placed specific people in your path who need to hear what he has done for you. They need to hear about the blessings and peace of God. They need to know that God loves them and that he has a future of hope for them. So be bold in Christ Jesus! Pray for those who have needs in their lives. Be a witness of his saving grace. This is your calling, the work of the ministry that God has entrusted to you. Taken from "God's Mission for You" by PowerPoint Ministries (used by permission). Originally posted here: http://www.jesus.org/following-jesus/evangelism-and-missions/we-all-have-a-calling.html

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1 Sarah R = "God needs Christians in every area. We are all missionaries in the sense that we take God with us into environments where He is likely not usually welcome - like in our schools, our jobs, and our government. This country needs more Christians who will be bold for Jesus in their homes, neighborhoods, friendships and workplaces."
2 Sarah R = "It is not enough to just hear the Word, you must also do what it says. Going to church is great, but if you leave church unchanged, and go through your week without doing anything with the word you received, it serves you nothing. God says that he wants to "spit out of his mouth" those who are "neither hot nor cold." He seeks believers rather who are willing to give everything over to Him in faith. We can trust our God with our lives."
3 Sarah R = "You might be the only Christian some people ever meet. You might be the only opportunity some people have to be invited to church, to hear about God, to learn about faith. In fact, God might have brought that person into your life for that very reason - that you might be their light."