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Where in the World is Pope Francis? Huffington Post Launches Pope Tracker for U.S. Visit

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The Huffington Post launched its interactive Pope Tracker yesterday, upon His Holiness’ arrival. The Pope Tracker is a real-time, interactive map designed to give users an accurate read on Pope Francis’ exact location. Pope Tracker users will be able to keep up with this fast-moving pontiff as for his six-day stateside stay. The tracker will note Pope Francis’ whereabouts as he leads public large scale Masses, speaks to Congress, canonizes a saint and more. Visit Huffington Post for a full itinerary of Pope Francis’ visit. To learn more about Pope Francis and his stay in America, check out our Pope in the U.S. page.

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1 Paige Turner = "Huffington Post has created a Pope Tracker to keep readers clued in on Pope Francis' whereabouts during his U.S. visits. "
2 Paige Turner = "Pope Francis is the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic Church. "
3 Paige Turner = "Click to read Pope Francis' full itinerary. "
4 Paige Turner = "Visit Deily's Pope in the U.S. page for more pope news."