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The Power of Questions in Conversational Evangelism

Having a stockpile of evangelism starter questions can help you overcome one of the biggest hurdles to having gospel centered conversation.

There are times when the Holy Spirit will prompt you to raise a spiritual question to help you detect a person’s level of spiritual thirst.

There are other times when a question will open the door to next steps a person might take in their journey to Jesus.

The Power of Questions

Have you ever been asked a question that has altered the direction of your life?

I remember a few in my personal life. In each case, the direction of my life was altered by the use of a well timed question.

These questions radically shaped the course of my life and ministry.

  • Asked by my pastor: What are you doing about it?
  • Asked by my friend: Have you thought about becoming a preacher?
  • Asked by a really close friend: Do you ever feel like you are living in the wrong place?

Are there great questions to use in evangelism?  I give a list below.

Evangelism Starter Questions - A collection.   Person drinking coffee

The Power of Questions in Conversational Evangelism

I teach on conversational skills in evangelism.

While I believe it’s appropriate and a good practice to know a gospel presentation by heart, I think that asking good starter questions unlocks further avenues of conversations that lead to life change.

There is a time for questions.

There is a time for giving answers and the reason for the hope within us.

There is a time for questions to ask when evangelizing.

When questions are raised in the right time, the search for answers can move a person forward in their journey to faith in giant leaps.

Questions help people come up with their own solutions for their own unique circumstances.  If you learn to use questions, you can help people discover their spiritual thirst and grow towards Christ.

Collection of Awesome conversational Starters for personal evangelism.  Couple sitting on a bench

Powerful questions for an evangelist help others to:

  • Take time to think about their sin, their need for God, the abscence of God in their life
  • Gain information about Jesus, who Jesus is, what Jesus has done
  • Promote personal discovery of Jesus
  • Generate options about how to respond to God’s work in Jesus
  • Uncover obstacles or questions that remain unanswered
  • Determine next steps in the journey to faith towards Jesus.

Many of us who do personal evangelism have found useful starter questions or statements to help continue or start a conversation that potentially leads to a conversation about the gospel.

For example, sometimes I have asked long distance truckers:

The quality and level of their response can encourage further conversation or quickly reveal that there is no interest in talking along those lines.

We all need to have a group of questions that we use to facilitate a discussion about faith.

Man holding up a Question Mark on Sign

Collection of Evangelistic Starter Questions

I’ve prepared a collection of questions for evangelism over various times on this website.

These spiritual questions you can use to get a conversation started.  

When you learn to use different evangelistic starter questions, you will have some practical tools to help people discover their spiritual thirst and grow towards Christ.

Ask some of them today.

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Do you need help in Personal Evangelism?

Start here with this MP3 Download on Evangelism Training from the store ($10) to help you see where you need to grow.

CD Cover for Simple Growth Steps product.

It’s a 80 minute audio file that takes just a few minutes to download, but it may help you answer the question:

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