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The Sacrifice of the Mass!

During this global pandemic we are all, of course having to make many sacrifices – some great, some small.
Not being able to receive the Eucharist at this time, has for me been one of the hardest losses to bare. Yet of course it is a sacrifice I make willingly, even eagerly. I know I need to do all I can, no matter how small, to help end the terrible suffering caused by covid-19.
The sacrifice of the Mass is of course still being offered eveyday, in churches everywhere and we are invited to enter into spiritual communion with the Lord.
Yet personally, I still feel that Sacrifice of not being able to receive our Lord sacramentally at this time a significant one, and it has made me reflect on what this absence will mean for me? How might I grow from this experience? What I might learn?
During the last Mass I attended before lockdown, I remember being deeply moved to know this might be the last time I would receive the Eucharist for a long time and one thought in particular struck me forcibly. I remember thinking, “Of all the those times I could of gone to Mass and didn’t go!”
Growing in faith has of course meant I have grown a much deeper appreciation of the Eucharist, yet still, there is always room to grow closer to Jesus, to grow in faith.
Absence does, I think really make the heart grow fonder and my prayer for myself during this time of absence, of loss is this:
“Jesus, may I find that during this extraordinary time, when I cannot come to Mass, when I cannot receive you in the Eucharist, I can use this time to grow ever closer to you. That in the absence of my normal routine, I will find you in that stillness and learn to love you anew. Amen.”

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