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Trauma – Healing It Is Critical

I have written posts about trauma and how to heal our trauma.  As with many things pertaining to the ego-mind, it is not easy and the deeper the trauma the harder it is.

But I have not addressed why heal our trauma.  Probably because that’s a “duh!” question.  We suffer because of our trauma; so if we want to end our suffering, which is why most of us are Buddhists, then we need to heal our trauma.

But the other morning when I was meditating, I realized a deeper, more fundamental reason why it’s critical to heal our trauma.  At one point in my meditation, I turn my will and my life over to the care of my true Buddha nature and “so see myself and the world around me through the eyes of my true Buddha self, my unwounded, pre-trauma heart.”

If we do not heal our trauma, we will not be able to see things through the eyes of our true Buddha self, through our heart, because we will still be consumed by the emotions and cravings that are the trauma.  Thus regardless whether we do The Heart’s Embrace or know what we need to be happy, regardless whether we say “not me!” to all feelings and perceptions, if we don’t face and heal our trauma specifically, both physically and mentally, when its button is pushed we will react with uncontrollable emotion and for the moment destroy ourselves, losing all connection with our spirituality.  (See my posts, “Trauma,” and “Trauma Denied No Longer.”)

Why is this so?  As I’ve often written, when we heal or disassociate from our emotions, it generally doesn’t work to do it globally.  The specific emotion or perception must be named so that it can be focused on in meditation during our healing mantra.  Likewise when we are doing physical exercises to heal our trauma, we must have in mind specific incidents that brought on the ego-mind’s traumatic reaction.  (Note: I use the word “brought on” rather than “caused” because as explained in other posts, the incident is not the cause of our suffering, it is our ego-mind’s reaction to the incident that causes our suffering.  Thus the emotional reactions are the trauma, and the underlying experience the traumatic incident.)

Our trauma, be it from our childhood or as an adult, are the controlling psychic forces in our lives.  If we do not identify and heal our trauma, we will go through life like soldiers suffering from PTSD.  Like them, we will be a bomb waiting to go off.

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