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The Upanishads (Sanskrit: उपनिषद्, IAST: Upaniṣad, IPA: [upəniʂəd]) are a collection of philosophical texts which form the theoretical basis for the Hindu religion. They are also known as Vedanta, the end of the Veda. In the purest sense, they are not Sruti (revealed truths) but rather commentaries which explain the essence of the veda (revealed knowledge). The Upanishads are found mostly in the concluding part of the Brahmanas and in the Arany... View more

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The Vedic religion is an ancient, intricate, and beautiful one. For thousands of years its texts have been studied, and its rituals enacted. It i...

phonetic value of Vedic chant By www.vedicvirtualgurukul.com

Vedic Virtual Gurukul Gurukula have existed since the Vedic age. Upanishads mention many gurukula, including that of Yajnavalkya, Varuni. Bhrigu Va...

Kenopanishad_6 - Sri Paripoornananda Saraswati Swami Pravachanam

The term Upanishad derives from upa- (nearby), ni- (at the proper place, down) and sad, that is "sitting down near" a teacher in order to receive i...

A Vedic Reader (Excerpts)

A Vedic Reader (Excerpts)

The Imitation of Christ Audiobook

http://www.youtube.com/user/mhfm1 This is a free audiobook. The rest of the audiobook can be found here: http://archive.org/details/imitation_of_c...

IX. Potthapda Sutta

IX. Potthapda Sutta

Chapter VI. The Silence Of Buddha In The Creed Of Buddha

The Creed of Buddha: Chapter VI. The Silence of Buddha

Chapter II. The Wisdom Of The East In The Creed Of Buddha

The Creed of Buddha: Chapter II. The Wisdom of the East

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