An Introduction to Zen Buddhism


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1 gary gach = "Good points. Zen is not in a podcast or a book.  Concepts are not wrong they’re not real. It is an experience. What will be found at a zendo.  Etc.A couple quibbles. Bodhidharma brought what we know of as Zen from India, but he was not the first ancestor. ( I prefer “ancestor” to “patriarch” to be inclusive.) The first, historically, (after Buddha) would be Mahakasyapa, who was the one in the audience to totally get it when Buddha gave a sermon consisting of only holding up a flower and saying nothing. From that encounter came the words quoted in the podcast about Zen being a special transmission, outside words, etc.The gradual and sudden schools originated in China, not Japan. When Zen went from China to Japan, there’s a hundred years jnbetween during which time it was transmitted to Korea.  It was also transmitted to Vietnam. ( Actually Zen doesn’t “go” anywhere. It doesn’t spread like peanut butter. That’s just a figure of speech. )  Reading the title of this contribution, I'd expected a blank podcast. Silence.Instead, I discovered an enjoyable presence speaking from the heart, short & sweet. Thank you"
2 Jennie Alisha Holden = "Great insight for a new member thank you "
3 Yogi Anand = "Good info on Zen."
4 Cary W = "Zen is an experience that happens inside oneself, with no dependence on any outer thing; it is practiced in various meditations."
5 Cary W = "This is a good synopsis, though with not much depth of the philosophy or meditations.  A very good introduction, nonetheless."
6 Cary W = "Zen has no outside reference such as books or people, but is an inner direction of the mind and heart.  Even spiritual thoughts are mostly rubbish, for in the emptyness of being emerges the eternal wisdom of Spirit."
7 Cary W = "Zen is experiencing life and world without any filters, such as beliefs, labels and preconceived ideas.  It is the acceptance and presence of the moment, allowing life itself to tell us who or what it is."
8 Cary W = "Zen is not a belief, religion or philosophy.  It is the practice of experiencing reality as it really is."