3 Major Objections to the Historical Reliability of the Gospels

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1 Sarah R = "Mike Licona is one of the many scholars that Lee Stroebel interviewed for his book, The Case for Christ."
2 Sarah R = ""It will be informative to briefly trace Luke's association with early Christians. In Acts there are three passages where, instead of saying that "Paul" did this, or "Paul" did that, he uses the term "we". In other words, he was with Paul at the time and describes events in which he was a participant. These "we" passages occur in chapters 16, 20, 21, 27 & 28. From these passages we know that Luke first met up with Paul in Troas on Paul's second missionary journey and travelled with him to Philippi. He joined Paul again in Macedonia on his third missionary journey and travelled back with him to Jerusalem. Two years later he travelled with Paul to Rome."Certain historical references in Luke's writings allow us to date some of these happenings with a fair degree of accuracy. It is almost certain that it was AD 57 that he arrived in Jerusalem and probable that he stayed in Palestine for the two years that Paul was imprisoned at Caesarea. Whether he had been to Palestine before he first teamed up with Paul we do not know. We do know, however, that he spent time there about 27 years after Jesus was crucified."Now a lot can happen in 27 years. However, one thing is certain. Many of the people who had known Jesus, including some of his inner circle of disciples, would still have been around. One of these was James, Jesus' half brother, born to Mary after Jesus. James was the leader of the Church in Jerusalem at this time. Later, about AD 61, he was martyred, according to the Jewish historian Josephus. I can imagine Luke spending many hours with James, questioning him about his brother, and no doubt taking notes in the process!"- http://www.christianity.co.nz/eye-6.htm"
3 Sarah R = "See another video of Mike Licona explaining his research into the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ here: https://www.deily.org/video/historical-evidence-for-the-resurrection"