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1 Sahil Badruddin = "Ismaili Theology, just like any other religious thelogy, is complicated. Ideas in theology change over time and are expressed in different terms even though the essence is the same. Ismailis do not worship a person. "Interviewer: One of the myths surrounding you is that some people in the West think of you as a living God. Not only is that not true, it is also blasphemous.Aga Khan: Absolutely. I mean as you know the faith of Islam was revealed at a time when the Arabian continent was idolatrous and idolatry, all forms of idolatry, are totally prohibited by Islam. It is certainly true to say that the Western World doesn't necessarily understand the theology of Shi'ism nor indeed the theology of many mystical sects whether they are Shia or Sunni or Christian. Mysticism, in its, in its essence is difficult."-Aga Khan IV - Current leader of the Ismaili community; Independent Television (ITV) Interview (2nd), Andrew Gardner (London, United Kingdom)"