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1 Sara Di Diego = "You can read this chapter in its entirety here."
2 Cary W = "This mysterious Maker of the world, has visited this world, in person, incarnate.  The Bible is the only scripture that teaches such a thing.  All the others only declare a being in contact with this Being."
3 Sara Di Diego = "Hugo Dyson was a Shakespearean Literature professor at the University of Reading and Oxford.  He, along with Tolkien, helped convert C.S. Lewis to Christianity.He was not a great writer, but his lectures on modern literature were memorable since he was friends with most of the authors.  Work Cited:"
4 Cary W = "Lewis was a literary critic.  He was qualified to question the validity of the gospel stories of Jesus, for it was his profession to peer into the facts and the myths in all the writings and teaching presented to him.  He was convinced the story of Jesus, the Incarnate God, was no myth, but the story of a real man who was also the very real Creator."