Do all roads lead to God?

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1 Sarah R = "Lee Stroebel is the author of "The Case for Christ" and other apologetic works showing the evidence for God, the Bible, and Christianity. He has a show called "Faith Under Fire" in which he shows debates and discussions about some of the most common contentions of the faith. See:"
2 Sarah R = "All religious thought can be classified into two distinct mutually exclusive classes – Monotheism and Monism.The school of Monotheism teaches that there is One God, the creator of all things including man. However, man having sinned is separated from God, and, God provides a unique Way of Salvation to man to restore his/her relationship back to God.The school of Monism teaches that there is only one reality or thing or substance; everything else is ‘maya’ or illusion. If we call this ‘one thing’ God, then man becomes God since there cannot be God and man (two things or dualism). So in the school of monism, we become God! The cycle of birth or reincarnation is the process/vehicle through which man unites into God.-"
3 Sarah R = ""If Genesis 1 emphasizes the transcendence of God, then Genesis 2 (specifically, 2:4-25) highlights the intimacy of God.Transcendence and intimacy. We need both.The two chapters reveal different aspects of God's character. God is far beyond us (Gen. 1), yet very near (Gen. 2). God is our King (Gen. 1), yet also our Friend (Gen. 2). God is infinitely powerful (Gen. 1), yet intimately personal (Gen. 2). Genesis 1 shows off God's raw power. Genesis 2 showcases God's earthly affection."- "Charis" by Preston Sprinkle, page 39"