Dr. Bob Utley - "Core Beliefs of Christianity"

source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIQbfZUT10Y

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1 Sarah R = "This is such a good point. There are so many false teachings out there that are not Biblical, but because so many Christians do not open the Bible for themselves to study what it says, they believe what they hear. We must always compare teachings we hear whether in church, the radio, a book, wherever, with God's Word. "
2 Sarah R = "This is often referred to as the "Earliest Christian Creed" because we can date it back to 35-38AD, even before the gospels were written. That makes this teaching really important. Critics of Christianity will try to say that our "doctrines" or beliefs developed and changed over time, but here we see the basic Christian beliefs clarified and detailed only a few years after Jesus' ascension back to Heaven. That's significant."
3 Sarah R = "It is important to consider the meaning of the text of the Bible to the original audience, as well as to consider the original author. The authors of the Bible were Jewish - as was Jesus - and they wrote within a Jewish context often to a Jewish audience. Therefore in order to completely understand, we need to consider the Jewishness of the gospel. "