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It was a Friday. early morning while the sun was still sleeping Jesus was cheated Arrested for no reason but the treason in men's hearts And just like that. It starts. It was an unjust friday Six trials, nothing sticking priests punching, judges kicking slinging lies at infinity beating down on divinity who by grace didn't speak. Obedient. Meek. It was a painful Friday As daylight tumbled in whips ripped the skin of the one who healed a thousand wounds. The one whose soul was right and true left in shreds for something he did not do. It was an ugly Friday The clawing crowd when given choice let villain fly in single voice but when Jesus name was lifted high could find no word but crucify. Crucify. It was a bloody friday... filled with nails and wood and a man who did what only God could. Arms open wide good enough to die for the very people who hung him out and bled him dry. It was a dark friday. A shout to the sky a spear in the side two Mary's start to cry As angry earth trembles and black clouds swell quietly Jesus goes through hell. Dying in our place. Dying well... On Friday Good Friday How is it a day of such evil and pain ever got the word good in its name? This day of infamy human villainy when the world showed off its most evil face? Because there in that blood stained place when they pulled the body down like seed to ground the author of life sprouted roots of grace that would once and for all save the human race. This victory death a complete surprise as demons and devils with fear in their eyes realized that once a perfect man died the law was finally satisfied. no more striving no more trying no more guilt no more dying the man who lived the way we should died the way only God could and that's why we call this Friday good. The day Christ fell the day mercy stood. So hold your faith lift your praise and remember - as good as Friday is Easter is still on the way. Hope Rising forever In Three More Days


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1 Sara Di Diego = "Many rebels against the Roman Government at this time came from Nazareth.  So since Jesus was advertised as Jesus the Nazarine, Roman officials were attempting to get him put away as soon as possible, giving reasons to the false evidence at his trials.Work Cited:White, L. Michael. From Jesus to Christianity. San Francisco: Harper San Francisco, 2004. Print."
2 Sara Di Diego = "Some Catholics practice self-flagellation on Good Friday, in order to take part in what Jesus felt.Source:"