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1 Enakshi Ganguly = "" In the Rigveda, Mitra appears primarily in the dvandva compoundMitra-Varuna, which has essentially the same attributes as Varuna alone,[1] e.g. as the principal guardian of ṛtá "Truth, Order", breaches of which are punished. In the late Vedic texts and the Brahmanas, Mitra is increasingly associated with the light of dawn and the morning sun (while Varuna becomes associated with the evening, and ultimately the night). In the post-Vedic texts – in which Mitra practically disappears[2] – Mitra evolved into the patron divinity of friendship, and because he is "friend", abhors all violence, even when sacred."Source:"
2 Enakshi Ganguly = ""Viśwákarma (Sanskrit "all-accomplishing, maker of all, all-doer") is personified omnipotence and the abstract form of the creator God according to the Rigveda. He is the presiding deity of all artisans and architects.[1] He is believed to be the "Principal Architect of the Universe ", and the root concept of the laterUpanishadic figures of Brahman and Purusha."Source:"