Introducing Hinduism


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1 Enakshi Ganguly = "Religions like Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism all became philosophies from Hinduism."
2 Ahmed M = "Hinduism as both a global religion and a form of nationalism; emphasis is given to tantric traditions which have been very influential"
3 Ahmed M = "Hinduism is considered as the world's oldest religion; it has a billion followers and is the third larges religion in the world."
4 Ahmed M = "Hinduism is a way of life, a Dharma, that is, the law that governs all action. "
5 Enakshi Ganguly = "The sacredness of cows extends to all animals. All animals are gentle, and made by the hands of God. The cow is regarded as sacred because she gives (milk, yogurt, ice cream etc) more than she takes."