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1 angela h = "I agree. When we are alone with God we see exactly who we really are. For many of us that is terrifying. But it shouldn't be because if we are alone with God we are with the only One who can fix us."
2 Sarah R = "Brennan Manning wrote a fabulous book called "The Ragamuffin Gospel: Good News for the Bedraggled, Beat-Up and Burnt Out." Amazon's description of the book says this:Many believers feel stunted in their Christian growth. We beat ourselves up over our failures and, in the process, pull away from God because we subconsciously believe He tallies our defects and hangs His head in disappointment. In this newly repackaged edition—now with full appendix, study questions, and the author’s own epilogue, “Ragamuffin Fifteen Years Later,” Brennan Manning reminds us that nothing could be further from the truth. The Father beckons us to Himself with a “furious love” that burns brightly and constantly. Only when we truly embrace God’s grace can we bask in the joy of a gospel that enfolds the most needy of His flock—the “ragamuffins.”  "
3 angela h = "I know this is how I felt before God saved me. That somehow I had been so bad that I had no right to even speak to God. Praise God I was wrong. He wanted to hear my cry of repentance. Salvation isn't about us; how good or bad we are. It is all about Jesus and how wonderful, merciful, and loving He is."
4 Sarah R = "I love this. It is not that we pursue God, but He pursues us. We see this all over the pages of the Bible - from the Israelites turning away from God over and over again and God sending them prophet after prophet to try to win them back, to the appearance on the seen of God Himself in the flesh, Jesus Christ, come to woo and bring His people back into right relationship. Max Lucado says God loves us, not because of who we are, but because of who HE is."
5 Sarah R = "When we get into thinking that we are the star of the story that is when we get into trouble. We think it's all about us and what we can get and how good we can feel. The bigger picture is that the story is not about us, but about God. When our focus is on Him, and what we can bring to Him and how our lives can bring Him glory, then everything else falls into place."
6 angela h = "Right! There are only 2 types of people.....lost and saved! "
7 angela h = "Satan knows just which sins each individual is prone to. He will not tempt someone with something he knows they have no interest in. He uses against us those things we are already prone to."
8 angela h = "If we tried to get to heaven by our own righteousness, I fear we wouldn't make it to the rooftop. Our righteousness is as filthy rags."