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1 Sarah R = "I would love to know what music this is they are playing in the background. Sounds maybe Latin? It has a serious undertone, but then, this is a serious discussion."
2 Dan Halloran = "The background music is Gregorian chant, the oldest recorded Christan music, still sung daily in many monasteries around the world.This presentation is only "logical" if one believes (1.)  in one God and (2.) that Jesus is the son of God and (3.) that the Bible is the true message of God."
3 Sarah R = "I love this explanation of the Trinity. We in our finite, limited minds, try to grasp the complexity of God's character and Person and often fall short, but this is one of the best descriptions I've heard."
4 Sarah R = "An important thing to understand about the Trinity is that the Son and Holy Spirit were not created by God, they are God, and always existed together with Him. The Bible is clear from creation to Jesus to Revelation that God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit have existed together as One eternally."