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1 Enakshi Ganguly = ""Before Kunti married Pandu,[5] she bore Karna to Surya, the solar deity. Afraid of being an unwed mother, she placed the baby in a basket and set him afloat on a river. This child was later found and adopted by a chariot driver and his wife, and was named Karna. He went on to become a central character in the Mahabharata. The ambiguous emotions Karna felt about his birth mother play an important role in the Mahabharata. She later married Pandu and bore Yudhisthira,[6] Bhima[7]and Arjuna."Source:"
2 Enakshi Ganguly = ""Having just ascended the throne, Pandu went to war, conquering or allying with many kingdoms in the name of Hastinapur. When he approached Madra, he found a huge army waiting him. During the war, he found h King Shalya's charioteer driving the chariot fast. Shalya revealed that the charioteer was none other than his own sister, Madri. He proposed that the two kingdoms avoided war via marriage. Thus, Pandu married Madri."Source:"