Martin Luther King Jr - But if Not (FULL SERMON)


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1 Sara Di Diego = "Both Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr believed that African-Americans were going through the same thing as the Hebrew slaves went through after leaving Egypt.  There were basically stuck in limbo for 40 years in a desert.  Thus one day blacks could get to the promise land and gain true equality."
2 Sara Di Diego = "Basically, Martin Luther King, Jr is saying that civil disobedience is not wrong if it is fighting an unjust law, while using scripture as an example.  Civilly disobeying a law does not make it more wrong, but it makes more people realize that it is wrong.  Ultimately, Nebuchadnezzar repents for his heinous law merely because Abednego civilly pointed it out by disobeying.  People of a republic are not obliged to follow unjust laws, as we do not live in a dictatorship.Work Cited:"
3 Sara Di Diego = "From "Yes, I've seen the lightning flash", Martin Luther King, Jr is quoting the song No More by Ludie Pickett.I’ve seen the lightning flashing,And heard the thunder roll,I’ve felt sin’s breakers dashing,Trying to conquer my soul;I’ve heard the voice of my Savior,Telling me still to fight on,He promised never to leave me,Never to leave me alone.Refrain:No, never alone,No, never alone,He promised never to leave me,Never to leave me alone.Work Cited:"