Mysteries of the Bible - Biblical Angels


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1 angela h = "This video explains very briefly some of what the Bible has to say about angels. However, there is no mention of Christophanies, or theophanies in this content.(both mean the appearing of Jesus in the Old Testament as an Angel).See Daniel 3:25; Genesis 32:24-30, etc..There are many different kinds of angels. Each kind have different jobs. Angels are never mentioned as being female. Not all types of angels have wings. Many appear to us to be other humans See Hebrews 13:2.Anyone seriously interested in studying angels should read Angels  by Billy Graham. "
2 Michael Smith = "Love it"
3 Stephanie C = "Explains the fallen angels whom had inter course within the human race with women.Which is said displease Bod.The off spring therefore creating giants and hybrid. Angels appearing to look similar to man sometimes as well"
4 Cary W = "Is anything too wonderful for the Lord, said an angel to Sara, when she was shrouded in disbelief.  God has His angels working in the unseen mostly, but occasionally they come in person.  Be open dear brethren; we are not alone as it doth seem."
5 Cary W = "To think of killing ones own son, one who was prophesied, one who was waited for over 50 years, just because a Voice you have met and encountered is allowed to direct your steps.  Abraham was so willing to surrender even his own son, to fulfill the wishes of the Most High God.  So God revealed His very in soul in Abraham through the prophesied gift of Christ Jesus."
6 Cary W = "There are always angels in our midst...mostly unseen and even unaware, yet do they the bidding of God, Christ, Holy Spirit.  Ours dear human, is to listen, to follow, to abide in the ongoing work of God in every detail of our life."
7 Cary W = "Angels and humans and all of life is a gift, a mystery, a unity of expression of His vast array of creative loving expression."