Nephilim 2015: Enoch, Giants, & the Smithsonian Cover-up

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Giants before the flood Noah's flood was to stop the giants before they killed and ate everything on the planet. Andre the Giant was 7 feet 4 inches tall and weighed 520 pounds. Andre could eat 12 steaks and 15 lobsters in one sitting. Andre was only 7 feet 4 inches. What could a 10 ft, or 12 ft, or even a 15-ft giant eat? In Noah’s days were there hundreds, or thousands, or even tens of thousands of these giants? Are the stories about giants being cannibals because after they ate all the megafauna, they stared to eat men, women, and children. Livestock can not reproduce fast enough to feed a giant who could eat a whole sheep every day. How do you stop a runaway infestation of giants? Only a Global flood would stop a infestation of giants