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1 Sarah R = "See also this article: "Jesus Christ: Priest, Prophet and King.""
2 Sarah R = "We call this Jesus' threefold office: as Priest, Jesus provided the ultimate atonement and sacrifice; as Prophet, Jesus spoke with authority and foretold the future; as King, Jesus established His kingdom and will come back to reign forever with His people."
3 Sarah R = "When the New Testament says, "according to the Scriptures," it refers to the Hebrew Scriptures, or what Christians call the Old Testament. The Old Testament contains many prophecies about the coming "anointed One" or Messiah, which were fulfilled in Jesus. Jesus' purpose, life, ministry, death and resurrection can only be understood completely through the eyes of the Old Testament and through seeing the story of redemption as a whole, from Genesis through Revelation.See also: The Inseparable Connection between the Old and New Testament."