Religions of the World: Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christianity


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1 Stephanie C = "Orthodox meaning conventional also conservative With the belief of great faith and a stepping stone for this community."
2 Cary W = "This seems an educated and well done documentary on the beginnings of Christianity, though very orthodox and standard in belief in modern day doctrine.  Many differences actually exist of the churches today, and the first believers in Jesus time.  Even the differences of Christians, Catholics and Mormons are vast, yet I must remind, they all focus around knowing, believing and receiving all Christ has promised."
3 James Oppenheimer = "This is not a film about Christianity. It is explicitly intended to be about the Roman Catholic and the Orthodox Churches.  This is part of several films. One of the others is about Protestantism.Luther is mentioned in this film because one cannot discuss the later history of the Roman Catholic Church without mentioning him, but the fact remains that the focus is on Roman and Orthodox (read: Eastern)."
4 James Oppenheimer = "Note the title of the film (0:43)"
5 James Oppenheimer = "Actually, in this context, Orthodox means that branch of Christianity which was the oldest, and now is mostly in the East.  The Church split in about eleven hundred. The Western part became what would later be called the Roman Catholic Church, and the Eastern part eventually became known as Orthodox, with a capital O. Lower case orthodox is simply a term denoting mainstream belief within one branch, such as orthodox Anglican theology, which would be the garden variety theology of Anglicanism.Not trying to be picky, but this is just basic stuff, and it serves no useful purpose to allow a completely wrong comment to go without some correction."
6 Andres Martinez = "Very good!"
7 Cary W = "The first century A.D. many divisions arose, primarily around the idea being perpetrated by the those in leadership that the Apostles doctrines were only passed down to a few sacred, secret few, but the agnostics countered that the Holy Spirit's message and anointing was given to all.  This is fundamental.  Christ and the Father deal with each of us as directly, as His own son or daughter.  Do not think any man will be to blame if you follow his counsel rather than direct word and counsel from God."
8 Cary W = "Once the early Christian church aligned with the governing body of Rome, they compromised their calling and message, for Jesus Himself tells us to come out of her an her ways, the great whore Babylon.We are called to God's kingdom, which for now is within our Spirit, and is not of this world.  The only true Christian church exists within only the very devout of believer, who holds to intimacy with God above any care of this world."
9 James Oppenheimer = "It would be difficult to show that the Church "aligned" with the "governing body of Rome".If you wish to say the Church responded to direction of Constantine after he converted, please say so.  Otherwise, it is hard to point to any demonstrable relationship with "the governing body of Rome," as you choose to put it."