"Reza Aslan" says Ahmadinejad is no Hitler!

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1 Sahil Badruddin = ""For more than twenty years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been struggling to reconcile popular and divine sovereignty in an attempt to construct a genuinely Islamic democracy dedicated to pluralism, liberalism, and human rights. It has been a difficult, violent, and hitherto unsuccessful endeavor. But not since the Articles of Confederation set in motion the drafting of the American Constitution has a more important political experiment been attempted. Of course, Iran is a special case. The Iranian Islamic ideal is a patently Shi‘ite one, and from their inception as a political movement with the aim of restoring the Caliphate to the family of the Prophet to their rise as a separate religious sect in Islam with its own distinct beliefs and practices, the Shi‘ah have never been eager to identify themselves with the majority Muslim community."-No god but God, Reza Aslan "