Running with the Current: Thomas Merton on Adversity and Hope


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1 Cary W = "God is our life.  May we today just accept that our every breath is His gift, His presence, His expression."
2 Cary W = "The world and all its burdens, troubles, trials, sicknesses and griefs seem real and perpetual.  Yet, if we can just remember that none of this would even exist if God willed it not.  A condundrum for sure, God allowing even willing a world of black and white, good and evil, saints and warlocks.  All things exist in Christ now.  That is the power of God in a world, we, who through ignorance, sought to destroy."
3 Cary W = "In this world, you will have some tribulation, but let not your heart be heavy or lean toward despair, for I have overcome the world for you - Jesus"