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WE NEED TO GET ARE THINGS IN ORDER AND GET RIGHT BEFORE THE LORD. I HAVE BEEN TRUTH HUNTING MOST MY ADULT LIFE, AND FOLKS I CAN TELL YOU OPNE THING... I AM EXCITED The pope speaking blasphemy more than ever, the passing of the four blood moons, the crazy weather patterns, problems of nations with perplexity....the end is upon us...the tribulation is just around the corner and every time I do go to Church they never mention none of this...very disappointing in Americas sleeping churches...where is the urgency...instead many churches are watered down by worldly things like football etc....God bless all whom keep watch...God bless your channel of awareness... For me.. God can not lie. Its written about the day of the lord coming it will hit not parts of the earth not some but ALL! Its written those that are HIS will never see taste touch feel His wrath. Wrath.. look at Noah. look at Lot. Lot was not the whole earth.. Noah.. well no boat this time.. no place on this earth to hide. For that day coming there has NOT been one like it. IT REALLY DOES NOT MATTER IF THE BIBLE IS A LITTLE BIT OFF OR THE BOOK IS NO MORE THAN A FAIRY TAIL, GOD IS REAL, JESUS IS BACK IN THE SPIRITUAL FORM AND THINGS ARE GOING TO CHANGE. WAKE UP PEOPLE, GET WITH THE PROGRAM.