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1 Sahil Badruddin = ""I have the great privilege of representing the Isma‘ili Imamat — this institution which has stretched beyond borders for more than 1400 years … The Isma‘ili Imamat is a supra-national entity, representing the succession of Imams since the time of the Prophet…[Today] the Isma‘ilis are the only Shia community who, throughout history, have been led by a living, hereditary Imam in direct descent from the Prophet. The role of the Isma‘ili Imam is a spiritual one; his authority is that of religious interpretation. It is not a political role. I do not govern any land. At the same time, Islam believes fundamentally that the spiritual and material worlds are inextricably connected."Reference: Imam Shah Karim al-Husayni, Aga Khan IV, "Address to Both Houses of the Parliament of Canada in the House of Commons Chamber (Ottawa, Canada)," NanoWisdoms Archive RSS, Accessed May 08, 2016, Emphasis added. "