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1 Sara Di Diego = "St. Xenia married a young colonel named Andrei, who died before they could have children.  She sold all their worldly possessions and disappeared for eight years, supposedly to live at a monastery.  She came back dressed in her husband's cloak and would only answer to the name "Andrei".  She gave all her alms to the poor, and was mocked heavily by passerby.  She lived on the street and prayed in a field at night.Work Cited:"
2 Sara Di Diego = "Slowly people began to notice how St. Xenia's good deeds led to holiness.  She gained the gift of prophecy and her very presence was proven to be a blessing to those around her.  If she entered a shop, it would prosper.  If she held a sick child, it would get better.  Eventually she was considered the guardian angel of St. Petersburg.Work Cited:"
3 Sara Di Diego = "St. Xenia died forty-five years after her husband's death.  Her grave is considered to be a pilgrimage, and those who take the soil or a chip of her tombstone are considered to be blessed.  A common ritual is to offer a Panachida / Trisagion Service for her husband, who she continually prayed for her entire life.Work Cited:"