The Boneyard - Jesus Cried out!!!!


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1 Cary W = "“He has blinded their eyes    and hardened their hearts,so they can neither see with their eyes,    nor understand with their hearts,    nor turn—and I would heal them.”["
2 Cary W = "Unless God Himself calls you and bids you to come, you have to just wait.  It is His bidding that draws us to Him."
3 Cary W = "In the midst of such a distracting, opulent appearing world meant only for the sense driven, is there even one who seeks Thee oh Lord?"
4 Cary W = "There is a difference between experiencing the favor, glory and unity with man and beholding the mind blowing, world shattering, knowledge of God.  Only God Himself is worthy of our love, affection and energy of attention.  Make my heart single toward Thee alone oh Bridegroom!"