The Jewish Orthodox Community of New York


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Great documentary and accurate. However there are Haredim (ultra orthodox) who are not Hasidim. They have studied in yeshivot (seminaries) that emerged from Vilnius, Lithuania and its surroundings. One of their prominent yeshivas is in Lakewood, New Jersey. The hasidim depicted in this documentary primarily regard their way of life in the form of an external identity of custom, ritual, dress, and communal ties. Hasidism as a philosophy or rather an inner way of life is alive in the Breslover sect. They have no living rebbe since the founder. Some wear the trappings of hasidic garb while others dress in modern clothing. For the latter, many of the men will wear thin wisps of hair for payot (side curls) tucked away behind the ears. They stress an inward turning of faith.


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1 Stephanie C = "With languages such as Yiddish,Hebrew and also Polish. In the New York community such as places as "Borough park". One of the largest Orthodox communities in New York."