The Lord's Prayer


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1 Cary W = "Our Father.  The first line of the Lord's Prayer, is, in my view, the key to the rest of the prayer.  When we really know and believe that the Father of our Lord Christ is also our Father, then we can rightly know how to commune, make requests, and beseech Dad with a true heart."
2 Cary W = "Knowing God as our Papa, opens all the doors of perception in our life to know that all the beauty we see in our environment, the morning sun, the majestic mountains, and pure rivers, are all His loving gifts He shares with each of us personally. Each one of us are given our own unique invitation to behold His Garden and Kingdom is a very personal way:  I know the One Who made all this, and that He made it just for me!  Thanks Papa!"
3 Cary W = "Jesus not only came to pay our penalty for sin, but to save us from sin.  How?  By wiping out the record of our past and giving us a whole new nature and life.  A clean slate and a new, cleansed heart and mind, ready to gladly choose God and His ways."