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1 Cary W = "It is obvious that Christianity has not reflected the power, devotion and signs that accompanied the early church established by Jesus and His apostles.  For one thing, all who were called by Him, gave up ownership of possessions, throwing all in for the community of believers and the work of spreading the gospel."
2 Cary W = "The living words of Christ now primarily live within us, not within a book per say, for Jesus Himself said we would need no man to teach us, but that His Spirit in us will comfort, lead, instruct, guide and bring to our remembrance all He has spoken.  The manna or bread from heaven."
3 Cary W = "He makes an interesting point that Enoch was quoted prophesying, yet our current bible and old testament does not contain his book or prophecy.  Those who follow Jesus and walk intimately with Him and the Father witness to the fact that all organized religion today is mostly the work of man, his systems and theology.  We should look deep into all the things of God, especially all those that prophesied in His Name."