The Meaning of the Gospel

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1 Sarah R = "Pastor Tullian has written several books on the topic of grace, including:Jesus + Nothing = EverythingOne Way LoveSurprised by GraceThere are also many more videos of his teachings on youtube... more to be loaded here soon."
2 Sarah R = ""There are many Christians in the church trying to make God love them. They are spending their lives doing, serving, witnessing, fasting, judging, performing, and feeling the unbearable weight of condemnation when they fail at these things." - pg 29"Charis [grace] - God's stubborn delight in His enemies- has redeemed them all, thundering from heaven to enter our pain. To forgive us. To save us. To enjoy us. To pursue us from prison and bring us to paradise - to dance with our Creator in the splendor of Eden." - pg 172Both quotes from Preston Sprinkle's book, "Charis""
3 Sarah R = "See also Pastor Tullian's blog:"