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1 Sara Di Diego = "All of the plagues were meant to show how powerful God is, while showing how meaningless Egyptian Gods compare to him.  For example, frogs are considered sacred in Egypt due to Heqet (the frog-headed goddess of birth).  Thus frogs are never allowed to be killed.  The plague of frogs meant that frogs invaded every Egyptian home, eventually died, and stunk up every corner.Learn more:"
2 Sara Di Diego = "There is no evidence that there are two pharaohs in the Exodus story, whether or not Ramesses II and Moses knew each other, or who the pharaoh during the plagues was.  There is no mention of a Moses in ancient Egyptian records, so there is a possibility we will never know.Work Cited:"
3 Sara Di Diego = "Notice how everyone except the Hebrews are shrouded in darkness, following the metaphor in the New Testament in which Jesus brings light to the dark.  Or in other words, people who follow the right beliefs are brought out of the darkness."