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Hello spirit friend, I'm a spiritualist too. I liked your video and always follow your page too. I want to share my ideas too 😄 well first off the word thought derived from Thot the spirit of ideas. We can see him in the egyptian history and others. We as a whole if got in tuned with nature and living with them instead of driving them away we would have achieved mystical wonders. Humans are not meant to live in compartments rather in a joint environment. Without cutting tress we could have made them our homes. We produce a lot of useless materials in this industrialized society. It has become so grim. All religion is misinterpreted, if a mass of people sat down only with their creator in mind it will impact a great deal of positive energy. The enegry pull inside us will be rejuvenated perhaps even healing our surroundings. No one cares for life anymore and it is too late to reverse the wasteful ways. The more we apart from each other the darker our auras will become. Staying away from our family will worsen these. Anyway i can't seem to find a solution to this civilization and to keep in mind how other civilizations were wiped out before us it might happen again. Our creator guides us to the right path if we go astray. Everything has a purpose for it's life. This world was a beautiful dream and no one will like to see it broken. Ok take care, thanks for reading