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When the Mind Intervenes

One of the goals of walking the path is to see things through the eyes of your heart, your true Buddha nature, rather than your ego-mind, and thus end your suffering.

What does that feel like?  One of my daily mantras is, “My true Buddha nature observes everything through my heart, not my mind.  Through the positive energy and joy in my heart, the neutrality of my senses and the equanimity of my 3rd eye, free of worries and concerns, full of faith.  When the mind intervenes with its “what if’s,” I say no and return to my heart.”

So every time your are consumed with doubt, every time you run through endless what-if’s, every time you are consumed with fear, that is a sign that your ego-mind has intervened and has taken control of your perspective of the situation.  This is something we all experience, and the experience is wrenching, debilitating.  If you’re under a psychic attack from your ego-mind, the experience is worse, devastating.  (See my post, “How to Protect Yourself against Psychic Attack.”)

What to do?  Stop and take a few deep breaths.  Center yourself.  And be present in the moment.  

Assuming that you have in the past connected with your heart (or your angels, your divinity, or Buddha), look at the guidance you’re being given by your ego-mind and see that it is not good for you, it’s not in your best interest.  Why is this guidance not in your best interest?  Because it weakens you, it causes you suffering, it immobilizes you.  And so it is your responsibility to say, no, to that guidance.  (See Emanuel’s Book, Rodegast and Stanton, or my post, “Test the Wisdom of What You’re Doing.”.)

“But,” you say, “this is the way things are.”  No, this is your ego-mind’s take on how things are.  You’ll see when you follow through and see things through your heart that while the facts remain unchanged, your perspective changes.

Saying, no, to your ego-mind is extremely difficult.  It’s power is strong because it’s roots inside you run very deep.  Hopefully you have established a strong enough relationship with your heart (or other source of spiritual inspiration) so that you can use that as an anchor.

Now, reconnect with your heart (or your other source) and see the situation through its eyes.  See the reality with all its problems and dysfunctions, but respond to it with dispassion, free of labels, knowing that things are the way they are and it will all work itself out.  Respond to it with the positive power that is your heart, with equanimity, free of worries and concerns, full of faith.  Only then will you be able to have clarity and apply your best judgment as to how to proceed in a way which is in your best interest.

This practice has served me well.  It is one of the foundations of my peace and happiness.

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